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13 Superfoods and Adaptogens for Better Endurance, Cardio, and Circulation

"Love it. So good. Makes a nice energy boost in the afternoon" - Joe, USA

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A Red Tonik revitalizes you daily with...


Support your heart with healthy function and blood flow


All the benefits of caffeine, none of the crash. Enjoy better, longer-lasting energy


Improve your overall resilience and immunity, and recover from workouts and injuries more quickly


Drink Daily for Better...

Support your heart health, improve blood flow, and help your body function like a fine-tuned engine

With the help of scientifically dosed beetroot to increase nitric oxide production to relax and dilate your blood vessels that supports a healty circulation and bllod flow.

Grape Seed Extract (GSE) may help reduce blood pressure, particularly in young to middle-aged people and those who have excess weight.

Our cardiovascular-boosting ingredients:

  • Beetroot -
    Can reduce elevated blood pressure + inflammation
  • Grape Seed -
    may reduce systolic blood pressure + improves blood flow + reduces oxidative stress
  • Resveratrol -
    Can reduce elevated systolic blood pressure
  • Turmeric -
    Helps lower risk of heart disease + reduce inflammation
  • Pomegranate -
    Can lower blood pressure + reduce inflammation in arteries
  • Ginger root -
    Can reduce bad cholesterol and guard heart against some diseases + reduce oxidative stress

Packed full of Polyphenols and Antioxidants to fight free-radicals

Powerful combination of polyphenol-rich superfoods and berries to support your health, protecting you against free-radicals and support metabolism at the cellular level.

Our antioxidant-rich ingredients:

  • Resveratrol -
    Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to protect you against diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease
  • Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, goji berries -
    Can reduce oxidative stress, energize your body, and helps boost energy levels
  • Pomegranate -
    Protect cells from damage, prevent diseases

Last longer, perform better, and stay sharper

Whether you are a serious athlete or just looking to be "better than average" the nutrient dense ingredients in Red Tonik can help you get the best out of your training.

Our stamina-boosting ingredients:

  • Cordyceps -
    Improves oxygen use and delivers more energy to your muscles
  • Beetroot -
    Produces cellular energy and enhances athletic performance
  • Pomegranate -
    Potential to improve both exercise endurance and muscle recovery
  • Goji -
    Packed full of vitamins and minerals to improve daily energy

Packed full of anti-inflammatory compounds

Red Tonik contains natures anti-inflammatory ingredients like Tart Cherry, Beetroot & Cordyceps.

Helps to reduce the debilitating effects of inflammation in the body, recover faster from workouts and everyday activity.

Our inflammation-reducing ingredients:

  • Tart cherry extract -
    Can reduce soreness and inflammation + boost recovery and muscle development
  • Beetroot & Cordyceps -
    Helps reduce and suppress inflammation
  • Pomegranate -
    Can help reduce chronic inflammation + reduce oxidative stress + promote muscle recovery
  • Cranberries -
    Guards blood vessels + arteries against inflammation
  • Grape seed extract -
    Can help with wound recovery
  • Resveratrol -
    Can lessen inflammation + ease joint pain
  • Ginger root extract -
    Can reduce oxidative stress + protect against joint pain
  • Turmeric -
    Can help fight inflammation + some diseases

Have healthier-looking and younger skin

Help your skin to stay elastic and healthier with nutrients like grape seed extract, goji berries, and reservatrol.

Fight the signs of aging with these natural ingredients containing anthocyanidins antioxidant and microbial properties.

Our Skin-Boosting Nutrients:

  • Grape seed extract-
    Helps your skin to stay elastic and healthier
  • Goji-
    Help reduce acne, promote collagen production, and even out skin tone.
  • Resveratrol-
    Helps your skin can better defend and repair itself
  • Beetroot-
    Helps repair cells and promotes collagen synthesis
  • Blueberries -
    Improve skin health
  • Raspberries-
    Contribute to healthy bones and skin
Red tonik from above


13 Raw Ingredients in Dosages You Can Actually Read. No proprietary blends. No B.S.

Red Tonik tub with superfoods

Transparent label. Tested ingredients

Every red powder and supplement company boasts about their ingredients. What many of them don’t tell you is they:

  • Underdose key nutrients
  • Use fillers to plug the gaps
  • Dilute their products’ efficacy with sweeteners and other additives

Not only that...many supplements are not upfront with the dosages you’re consuming, which reduces the likelihood you’ll experience the benefits they promise.

Red Tonik is different.

  • We blend premium raw ingredients in the minimum dosages your body needs to absorb and benefit from them. No unnecessary additives or sweeteners. The bright cherry color of our Tonik proves it.
  • Our labels are transparent, too, showing you the exact micro- and milligrams of each dosage.
  • Our Red Tonik blend has been third party tested to ensure you’re getting real quality.

NO proprietary blends. NO fillers. Absolutely NO BS.

Red Tonik Difference



Full Disclosure Labeling


Full Dosages


Science-Backed Ingredients


Supports Recovery


Supports Heart Health


3rd-party Tested


Money-back Guarantee

1-year< 90 days

Be Invigorated Now
1-year money-back guarantee *


/ˈtänik/ a feeling of vigor or well-being.

Adam Story

The Human Behind the Tonik

Adam Wright originally developed Supergreen Tonik to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). Since then, thousands of customers have relied on Supergreen Tonik to invigorate their energy, immunity, and focus.

When customers asked Adam to develop a reds supplement, he got to work.

Adam tested the top 5 reds supplements personally and researched dozens of others. He realized that most red powders aren’t third party tested or honest about their dosages.

Red Tonik accomplishes both.

One Tonik Is...


No juicers, mixers, blenders, or bottles necessary. Just mix a scoop with 12oz (350ml) of cold water and drink!


Fresh cranberry & mixed berries flavor with a creamy foam and smooth texture after shaking.


The optimal blend of 13 superfoods and nutrients help you perform all day with better cardiovascular health, energy, and recovery.

Feel Vibrant

The reds supplement for optimal cardiovascular health, stamina, and antioxidant protection

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Reclaim your Cardiovascular Health, Endurance, and Recovery - Without the BS!

"The tastiest reds powder I have tried. Packed full of nutrients I am looking for in a supplement! " - Sarah, USA


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What Humans Are Saying:

Joanne Testimonial

"Yummy, lovely refreshing cranberry tasting drink, that I know is packed full of antioxidants." †

- Joanne, UK

Jo Testimonial

"Love it. So good. Makes a nice energy boost in the afternoon" †

- Joe, USA

† Results may vary from person to person

Red Tonik FAQs

What is Red Tonik?

Red Tonik is a superfood and adaptogen powder that combines 13 evidence-backed ingredients in clinically proven dosages to support cardiovascular health, recovery, improving energy levels, and reducing body inflammation.

What makes Red Tonik different to other reds powders?

Many of our competitors underdose the key ingredients in their formulas and hide them in proprietary blends. We want our customers to know exactly what they are consuming, so we insist on using fully transparent labeling.

All our ingredients are in clinically proven dosages with real science to support the benefits.

What does Red Tonik taste like?

Red Tonik has a tasty cranberry and berries flavor that mixes well with just cold water or combined with your favorite smoothie.

Some customers love to mix Red Tonik with protein too!

Is Red Tonik vegan?

Yes, we ensure all our ingredients are vegan.

I am pregnant can I take Red Tonik?

Generally we recommend not taking our supplement unless you have spoken directly with your doctor and shown our full ingredient label to them. We include all the ingredients and their individual amounts on the label and so your medical doctor can advise if this is suitable for you.

Ready to Thrive?

"Just one scoop a day. No more shopping, blending, or messy clean-up."