A blend of 13 superfoods and adaptogens for better endurance, cardio, and circulation

Our antioxidant rich berries and scientifically dosed beets and cordyceps mushroom formula is the super reds drink that raises the bar

With optimal dosages of every ingredient, every scoop delivers essential nutrients and a refreshing taste.

Check out the fully disclosed supplement facts label:

Serving Size: 1 scoop (8.95g)
Servings Per Container: 30
Per Serving
% Daily
Calories 25
Total Carbohydrates 6g 2%
Total Sugars 1g
Sodium 30mg 1%
Beetroot 4 g
Cordycerps mycelium extract 1 g
Cranberry fruit extract 500 mg
Tumeric root extract 500 mg
Fruitsource tart cherry fruit powder 500 mg
Pomegranate fruit 250 mg
Lycium (goji) fruit 250 mg
Grape seed extract 200 mg
Trans-Reservatrol (from Polygonum cuspidatum root extract) 75 mg
Blueberry fruit 100 mg
Raspberry fruit 100 mg
Strawberry fruit 100 mg
Ginger root extract 100 mg
† Daily Value not established.

No PROPRIETARY BLENDS in our formula

We only use full transparency labeling so you know what you're taking.

Get Your Reds

Beets + Mushroom Nutrients


Beet (beta vulgaris L) Root (4 grams)

Shown to promote a healthy blood pressure, healthy circulation & blood flow, increased Nitric Oxide production, and improved energy & stamina. *


Cordyceps (1 gram)

Improved physical performance and wellness. Cordyceps have been shown to decrease blood sugar levels and may also protect against kidney disease. * *

Tumeric + Ginger Nutrients

Tumeric Extract

Tumeric Extract (500mg)

The active compound in Tumeric can help fight chronic inflammation and its potent antioxidant properties can neutralize free radicals. *

Ginger root

Ginger Root (100mg)

The main bioactive compound in ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. May help lower cholesterol levels and can help treat chronic indigestion. * *

Grapes Nutrients

Grape Seed

Grape Seed Extract (GSE) (200mg)

The antioxidants in Grape Seed Extract (GSE) may help alleviate oxidative stress, inflammation, and tissue damage that can occur alongside chronic diseases. *


Resveratrol (150mg)

Resveratrol has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to protect you against diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. *

Berry Nutrients

Tart Cherry fruit

Tart Cherry Powder (500mg)

Clinically researched dosage of Tart cherry extract that supports reduced inflammation associated with exercise, metabolism and metabolic energy, healthy uric acid levels, and metabolic health. * *

Cranberry Fruit Extract

Cranberry (500mg)

From lowering blood pressure to improving your cholesterol levels, cranberries can help improve your overall heart health. *

Pomegranate Fruit powder

Pomegranate (250mg)

Rich in nutrients, especially antioxidants, can support many aspects of health, from immunity to brain health. The polyphenols in pomegranates may also increase exercise endurance. *

Goji fruit powder

Goji (250mg)

Goji berries have many potential health benefits, including protecting the eyes, providing immune support, improving depression, anxiety, sleep, and promoting healthy skin. *


Blueberries (150mg)

The flavonoid in blueberries called anthocyanin have powerful antioxidant properties can help lower blood pressure, manage diabetes, protect against heart disease, improve mental health, and improve skin health. *


Raspberries (100mg)

Raspberries are high in antioxidants that can protect cells from damage by free radicals. The nutrients in blueberries can also contribute to healthy bones and skin and helps regulate blood sugar. *


Strawberries (100mg)

Strawberries are very rich in antioxidants and plant compounds, which may have benefits for heart health and blood sugar control. *

Sourcing & Manufacturing

We are proudly manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certified facility in the USA.

Every ingredient is responsibly sourced, domestically and globally, ensuring our customers only get the best. We pride ourselves on authenticity, and finding the best ingredients helps us deliver on this promise.

Fresh box of beetroot

3rd Party Tested

We take your health seriously.

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Our supplement is independently Third-Party Tested by Eurofins, one of the world's leading Laboratories. Eurofins have zero bias and provide a credible expert opinion, leading to a supplement that's not only safe and effective but consistent in its purity and Quality.

Eurofins 3rd party testing

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